Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Let's HONESTLY chew on this one a while...(from one of my books for a class)

"It has become very popular to join the Church in our day. Many people have recently joined the Church in our country. But are there any fewer cheats than there used to be? Are there less frauds committed? Do we find morality more extensive? Do we find vice coming to an end?" ~ Charles Spurgeon

Eventually, maybe I'll expand on HIS answers...


Brendan Payne said...

G. K. Chesterton grappled with sin in the Church by saying that the Church consistently proved the key doctrine of sin, which some people these days are in the habit of denying.
I say that we as Christians ought to be more into the habit of making disciples and less in making mere converts, as important as that is. God isn't impressed with how many people we bring to Christ; He wants us to always live for Him in whatever we do.
By the by, I'm working on the papers you sent me. Thanks for those!

Emily said...

AMEN...you used my favorite "d" word! Something I think about/pray about a LOT! Makes me crazy...It's sad that we can get so caught up in initial numbers that we forget to walk alongside people. If only we paid attention to the number of real followers of Christ and those who really weren't there yet when they "converted". Does that make sense?

I hope you enjoy those papers! Looking forward to talking about them! :-)