Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Relentless Love...

Today was a Soul Sabbath event through GCTS. I did it for one of my classes this time, but would do it EVERY time it's offered!

Basically, it was 5 hours of just me and God. Some time to listen to worship music, some time reading my Bible, some time just sitting and listening (while watching it snow) and remembering God's RELENTLESS love for me and the up and down (all because I move, not because God has) journey we have been on since...forever. God reminded me of all the things I have been through: sometimes where God has taken me and other times when I have moved away from God into places I shouldn't have gone. Through all of this, He has been there carrying me, holding my hand or doing whatever He needed to to get me to turn back to Him.

I looked up the word "relentless" during the day and found: "continual", "stubborn", "not letting up" and "persistent". These are great ways to describe what God's love for me has been...and what His love is for you. My prayer is that we would not forget it if we know this Love (even when we don't feel it, I pray that we would know His love has not changed and is not based on what we feel or our emotions etc.)...and that you would feel and know this Love if you don't yet.

OOH one other note... This all started happening before, during and after Valentine's Day...remembering Jeremiah 31:3 ~ The LORD appeared to us in the past, [a] saying: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness." (New International Version)

I know we live in a world that puts a lot of weight on finding "the one" and not being single etc., but whether we are single or not single...I pray that we would put MORE weight on finding THE One...the ONLY one who can truly love us unconditionally and constantly. I pray that we would all want to pursue Him as much as HE does us. That I would pursue Him as much as He has pursued me. But on that last part, I am sure I could never come close.