Sunday, March 8, 2009


At church we've been going through Habakkuk, looking at his relationship with God and talking about/thinking about our own. At first I kept thinking back to undergrad...the time when my prayer life/time with God was intense and constant. When I'd wrestle with things in bathroom stalls or pray for people as they'd walk by. Prayer became something constant and automatic for me...something I could do as I went about other things during the day. Don't get me wrong, there were times that I consciously sat and journaled etc., too, but it was way more than that.

As we've gone through the series and talked through Habakkuk, one of my prayers has been that I would get that CONSTANT, deep relationship back. I'm not even sure I realized it, but it was something in my thoughts and in my heart constantly. And God answered. I realized that I have that connection back where even if I'm not journaling (which I have started again...not consistently, but started!) or I am doing other things and my mind may not even be focused on Christ, my HEART is and I can FEEL it. I'm not even sure it's even something that can be described for someone who hasn't felt that...but does ANYONE know what I'm talking about? SO AWESOME.

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cuteacher22 said...

YES Emily I know what it is like to FEEL the Holy Spirt's presence. It is like nothing indescribable!! For me, it comes from a disciple and commitment to spending time with God. It comes at different times and I don't feel that way all the time. Actually recently I haven't felt close to the Holy Spirit...not that I'm not close..because He never leaves us or forsakes us. But because I am not always faithful in my time with Him. When I am faithful and do draw near to him, am still with Him, he does draw near to us too. Thankfully He gives us strength and draws near even when we aren't faithful at times. He still pours out his grace. Being close to God and knowing his presence is awesome! So glad you're at that point right now. Love you Emily!!